Ademruimte on tour

Ademruimte on tour

In October Ademruimte will be presented on several new places.

Museum Nacht / Uit het gareel @ Student Hotel 

During Museumnight Uit Het Gareel (The Hague art and music festival) organizes a Pop-Up group exhibition in The Student Hotel in collaboration with young artists from The Hague with the theme “time”. Every artist approaches the theme in his own way and shows his or her vision of it. Each exhibition has its own workshop in which you can participate. The artists have even designed their own matching cocktail especially for this evening.

Visting adress: Hoefkade 9, The Hague
Dates: From 5 till 9 October

Amsterdam Dance Event Zen Space

In a time where most things happen fast, move quickly and are built to last just an instance, sustainability of an experience, yourself and the world that surrounds you are much sought after. Next to the global health trend from mindfulness to superfoods and from yoga to health startups, ‘zen’ is also a big inspiration in the artistic realm. Artists and DJs alike try to provide ways to escape the ever-expanding flow of information and to reconnect with the self and the environment.

ADE embraces this movement and gives it a place of its own in the ADE Zen Space, packed with art installations, performances, audiovisual meditative sessions and all things zen.

Visting adress:  Waalse Kerk, Amsterdam
Dates: From 16 till 20 October

Dag van de Stad  

Under the title “Who dares ?!” we give the stage to brave entrepreneurs, architects, theater makers, scientists, representatives of social organizations, active residents and administrators. What binds all these people is their guts, cojones and bravado. The Day of the City offers a warm welcome to urban visionaries who dare to look beyond their nose. To people who get rid of stuck patterns of thought, walk around with worn-out elephant paths and map out new routes. Showing courage is also daring to stand for yourself in difficult circumstances, for example if you are threatened, intimidated or mocked. How do you stay on course as a professional and as a person?

Visting adress:  Churchillplein 10, Den Haag
Dates: From 16 till 20 October



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